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Partnership Brings 40+ Events And Over 100 Days Of Premium Drag Racing To The FloRacing Platform Annually

Addition Of SpeedVideo Broadcast Portfolio Diversifies FloRacing Motorsports Offering And Instantly Solidifies The Platform As The Go-To Destination For Grassroots Racing

AUSTIN, Texas (July 20, 2020)FloSports, a leading sports streaming and original content network, today announced a strategic partnership with SpeedVideo, a premier motorsports production and live streaming company headquartered in Murrieta, CA. SpeedVideo is one of the top live streaming providers of drag racing in North America and boasts an extensive library of on-demand content in addition to premium live racing event broadcasts. The partnership will bring SpeedVideo content and their full suite of broadcast partnerships to the FloRacing platform on FloSports. SpeedVideo instantly diversifies the motorsports offering on FloSports and adds over 40 events and 100 days of thrilling drag racing event coverage to FloRacing annually.

Since its launch in 2017, FloRacing has experienced exponential growth, established a firm foothold in the motorsports streaming market and just recently announced the acquisition of Speed Shift TV, another leading grassroots racing streaming platform. Combined with DirtonDirt, a subsidiary of FloSports that focuses on coverage of short track racing’s popular Dirt Late Model division, and the current offering on FloRacing that already includes programming from Tony Stewart’s Eldora Speedway and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Car tour as well as a full schedule of United States Auto Club (USAC) and Interstate Racing Association (IRA) events, FloRacing will stream over 800 racing events each year. FloSports continues to solidify FloRacing as the go-to digital destination for grassroots motorsports.

SpeedVideo was founded by Power Automedia, a leading automotive media network that operates 13 other digital properties, including the largest drag racing magazine in the world,

“I’m looking forward to working with FloSports to grow the sport of drag racing, while also expanding FloRacing’s relationships with these phenomenal companies that operate within the motorsports industry,” said James Lawrence, SpeedVideo CEO. “This is really a big day in the world of drag racing. What FloSports brings to the table in terms of audience, technology, reach, and resources is a game changer.”

As part of the new partnership, Power Automedia and SpeedVideo will continue to work with leading drag racing promoters, in addition to facilitating both the marketing of drag racing live events on Dragzine and other Power Automedia properties and continue to facilitate and grow sponsorship relationships.

On July 23, FloSports will begin simulcasting all upcoming SpeedVideo races on FloRacing starting with the PDRA Mid-Atlantic Showdown (July 23-25) at the Virginia Motorsports Park in Petersburg, VA and the Duck X Magic 8 2020 (July 23-25) at Orlando Speed World Dragway in Orlando, FL. Additional premier drag racing events that will now streaming on FloRacing include Lights Out, No Mercy, Sweet 16, World Cup and Outlaw Armageddon. SpeedVideo current subscribers will soon get all of the FloRacing live and on-demand content in addition to the best drag racing events that they already receive.

“SpeedVideo is one of the pioneers in motorsports streaming and content,” says Mark Floreani, CEO, FloSports. “James and his team have built a high performing platform and our partnership with SpeedVideo will both diversity and enhance our offering on FloRacing. Our subscribers are going to be thrilled.”

Connect with thrilling live and on-demand grassroots racing action by becoming a FloRacing subscriber. The subscription also unlocks premium FloRacing content including exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes access and ride-alongs with drivers, news as well as archived races and highlights that racing fans have come to expect from the FloRacing platform. FloRacing subscribers also receive complete access to the entire network of FloSports verticals ranging from cycling, wrestling, football, baseball, softball, grappling and more. Watch the races across all screens by downloading the FloSports app on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Chromecast.

About Power Automedia
Power Automedia believes in the magic of the automobile, helping automotive enthusiasts achieve their dreams, and building something special. They communicate with passion and emotion, educate with expertise and enthusiasm, and nurture and entertain new enthusiasts. Power Automedia currently publishes digital automotive enthusiast magazines and produces video content for auto industry clients.

For more on Power Automedia visit

About FloSports
Founded in 2006, FloSports is a venture-backed OTT subscription video streaming service dedicated to sports, offering live and on-demand access to hundreds of thousands of competition events across 25+ sports in the US and abroad. FloSports’ vision is to finally give underserved sports the love they deserve. With a growing library of more than 300,000 hours of premium content including news, expert commentary, films, documentaries and more, FloSports has established itself as an innovator and leader in sports streaming. Finally, your sport has a home.

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MURRIETA, CA — SpeedVideo will be working with DUCK X Productions and Donald “Duck” Long who has gathered some of the biggest names in Radial versus The World as well as the Pro 275 classes for “COVID-8” – an event affectionately named in acknowledgment of the Coronavirus pandemic that has postponed numerous racing events – and will be taking place on May 22-23 at the Orlando Speed World Dragway.

“We’re all excited to be finally back racing and the COVID-8 shootout will be big,” stated SpeedVideo’s General Manager, Tom Bobolts. “Donald Long’s unique ability to draw the fastest racers on some of the best surfaces is well known. We can’t wait to have this race live on The live stream will be sponsored by FuelTech – a leading manufacturer of EFI systems and ignition components.”

“Everybody needs cars going up and down the racetrack. It’s important that these guys are out there racing,” Long says. “I’m looking for the best because I want to set the door-car world record for an 8-car field.” As of now the entry list for the COVID-8 include legends Steve Jackson, Melanie Salemi, Marcus Birt, Kevin Rivenbark, Mark Micke, Jason Richards, Justin Swanstrom, Scotty Gaudagno, and more. “It’s a strong list, man! I look down this list and these are some really strong racers,” Long proclaims. will broadcast all of the exciting action from COVID-8 to annual or monthly subscribers. In addition, there will be free bonus content made available to non-subscribers. To subscribe to SpeedVideo, click here.



SpeedVideo is all about killer live automotive video. We shoot it, stream it, and broadcast it LIVE! Our promise to you… superior quality, immersive video, and kick-ass racing, LIVE & On-Demand



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Murrieta, CA, April 23 — Speedvideo to broadcast the Winter Meltdown 5 No-Prep Shootout this upcoming December 4-5, 2020.

According to Winter Meltdown 5 organizer Matt Plotkin of Project X Promotions, this will be a true no-prep event that will challenge both drivers and tuners to navigate the track.

“This is as no-prep as it gets! We’re removing 100% of the rubber and taking the track down to its barest surface by bringing in a bobcat with multiple blade attachments and scraping the track as far down to the concrete as possible. There is nothing closer to a real street racing surface than the 660 feet of bare concrete that you will experience here.”

Plotkin continued, “There are a few reasons that we are taking it to this extreme, but the main reason is that we feel like the term ‘no-prep’ is being stretched too far these days. When you start seeing tractors dragging the track and shoes coming off people’s feet at a no-prep race, it’s time to take a step back and remind everyone that these races are meant to try and simulate street-like conditions.”

Winter Meltdown 5 will feature Big Tire, Small Tire, True Street, King of the Tailgate, Full-Size Truck, 6.0 Index, 7.0 Index, and Junior Dragsters classes.

“Last year was our most successful Winter Meltdown event to date,” stated Plotkin. “We had the largest turnout of both racers and fans that we have ever had for our December race. This year we will be in a new location, and look forward to continuing on that upward trend to keep growing an event that has quickly become everyone’s favorite way to close out the no-prep racing season.”

“SpeedVideo has a long history with no prep racing and we’re proud that it will continue with the addition of Winter Meltdown 5 in 2020,” said Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo’s General Manager. “As Matt said, we shouldn’t see too many shoes sticking to the track, but I know we’ll have viewers stuck to their screens.” will broadcast all of the exciting action from Winter Meltdown to annual or monthly subscribers. In addition, there will be free bonus content made available to non-subscribers.


To subscribe to SpeedVideo, go to



SpeedVideo is all about killer live automotive video. We shoot it, stream it, and broadcast it LIVE! Our promise to you… superior quality, immersive video, and kick-ass racing, LIVE & On-Demand!




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Murrieta, CA, March 6, 2020Horsepower Wars is back for 2020 with the popular $10K Drag Shootout, presented by Lucas Oil, that will sport a few rules changes this year to match the No Prep Edition update. 

Four teams will compete against each other to see who can build the quickest drag racing car over a period of 10 days, with a budget of $10,000 — which will consist of $3,000 in cash and a $7,000 Summit Racing Equipment gift card. During the competition, there will be surprise bonuses, competitions, and challenges that can assist, or hurt, the chances of each team’s ability to build their vehicle and win. Once the teams complete their build it’s time to go down to the track for heads-up racing where the team who proves they’re the fastest takes home $10,000 and their finished car. 

No Prep racing has been around for years and this season the Lucas Oil $10K Drag Shootout will be taking inspiration from this drag racing style. Track crews heat and scrape away all traces of tire rubber on the track, revealing an unforgiving bare street like surface. The ability to keep high horsepower beasts glued to an unprepped surface forces both the drivers and the builders to be at the top of their game. In previous seasons teams were required to use 275 drag radial tires. Taking into consideration the unruly track surface, the rules will be opened up to allow for larger sized slicks.

“It was really important that we continue to reinvent the $10K Drag Shootout,” stated Scott Parker, Power Automedia’s Vice President of Content. “The show should be every bit as exciting to the viewer as it is to us making it. In 2019 we had the return of Team Bigun – our Season 1 champs – as well as a few curveballs from the revamped $10K Olympics to the surprise Grenada wagon. Going to no prep style racing seemed a fitting way to change it up, while also attracting a whole new group of potential racers and builders.” 

The winning Team, Enemies Everywhere, will be returning from Australia for a chance to defend their title in the third season. Team Leader Jaime Farmer explained what he’s looking forward to in season 3, “We want to be the first team to win $10K Drag Shootout two years in a row, so we’re actually a bit more excited to be coming back this year than we were coming in for the first time. America has always been the top shelf when it comes to drag racing so for us to beat the best is really something else.” Farmer continued, “We really enjoyed the entire experience from being able to push our boundaries to going up against the best and making some really good friends.”

Horsepower Wars Season 3 will be made possible by its title sponsor Lucas Oil as well as ARPBMR Suspension, Comp Cams, Covercraft, Dyna-Batt, E3 Spark Plugs, Holley, Kooks Header, Lucas Oil, MAHLE Motorsports, Moroso, Moser Engineering,  NOS, PROFORM PartsPRW Industries, QA1Ron Francis, Summit Racing, SpicerTotal Seal, Victor Reinz, and more.



Horsepower Wars is an automotive TV show featuring fierce competition between rivals that takes place in a variety of venues including: engine dyno, chassis dyno, drag strip, road course, and even an off-road short course. With no feel good trophies for second place, we travel the country having fun and stirring up trash talk between drivers, builders, and tuners.



Horsepower Wars

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Murrieta, CA, March 3, 2020 — SpeedVideo has entered into a broadcast partnership with the wildly popular automotive event series Street Car Takeover (SCT) to live stream the Street Car Takeover Charlotte 2020 event on June 26-27, 2020!

“Charlotte is our favorite event and really shows what Street Car Takeover is about,” said Chase Lautenbach, co-owner of Street Car Takeover. “This is our largest event of the season with the best event layout we offer. The Twin Peaks car meet that happens Thursday night is only a couple miles from the track and hotels with plenty of things for the family to do in the area.”

Street Car Takeover not only features drag racing, but roll racing as well. In roll racing, drivers line up 1,300 feet behind the burnout box, eclipsing the starting line at 35 to 40 mph, and the winner is determined by speed (miles per hour) not the elapsed time. There are three classes of roll racing at SCT Charlotte 2020: the 140 mph and 150 mph brackets where the speed cannot be exceeded, and the King Of The Bakery which has no trap speed limitation but vehicles must be street legal. Roll racing will be taking place on Friday, June 26th.

“We at SpeedVideo are super excited about adding Street Car Takeover to our SpeedVideo live schedule,” said Tom Bobolts from SpeedVideo. “SCT Charlotte has it all, a huge following and a great energy. We can’t wait to capture all of the action!”

Fans of drag racing won’t be disappointed because Saturday, June 27th is all about the 1320. Classes for Saturday include: Small Tire, Street Racer, Street Outlaw, Monster Clutches Stick Shift, Street Racer Mild, FWD Heads Up, Truck/SUV, Extreme Street, Daily Driver Mild, and Daily Driver Extreme.

Justin Kieth, co-owner of Street Car Takeover, went over the updates to the event this year, “We have The Sticky Mafia coming to prep this event so the track will be better than ever. This will make the event fast with cleanups and cars going down the track. We want the racers to experience the best-prepped surface we can possibly provide. We also added a Heavyweight class that requires the car or truck to be 4,200 pounds (without the driver) to make things even more interesting.”

Full live event coverage of the Street Car Takeover Charlotte 2020 event in live HD will be available on for annual or monthly subscribers. There will be parts of the event that will be broadcast for free as well.


To subscribe to SpeedVideo, go to



SpeedVideo is all about killer live automotive video. We shoot it, stream it, and broadcast it LIVE! Our promise to you… superior quality, immersive video, and kick-ass racing, LIVE & On-Demand!


Street Car Takeover series, The premier street car event in the U.S., Coming to a city near you! For more on Street Car Takeover and to buy event tickets visit



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Contact: Tom Bobolts – 

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Murrieta, CA, Feb 4, 2020SpeedVideo and Drag Illustrated have announced a multi-year partnership to live broadcast the Drag Illustrated World Doorslammer Nationals presented by CTech Manufacturing, and the Drag Illustrated ‘The Main Event’ on the SpeedVideo network.

The Drag Illustrated World Doorslammer Nationals  is set to take place March 6-8, 2020 at Orlando Speed World Dragway in Florida with insane Pro Stock and Pro Mod Shootouts taking center stage. The winners in both Pro Stock and Pro Mod will take home $50,000, and with this inaugural event taking place at the beginning of the race season there is expected to be a large number of big name NHRA competitors participating in both classes. 

“With the race taking place a week before the NHRA Gatornationals, the Drag Illustrated World Doorslammer Nationals gives the star competitors in Pro Stock and Pro Mod a chance to start their season off right,” explained DI’s Mike Carpenter. “They will have the potential for career-best performances and a shot at a huge payday – plus a massive spotlight on two premier doorslammer classes.” 

“We love the vision that Richard Freeman from Elite Motorsports, and Wes Buck, Mike and the Drag Illustrated  team has created here,” explained James Lawrence, SpeedVideo’s CEO. “To bring this Pro Stock and Pro Mod action to SpeedVideo is a dream come true for us, this will be an awesome event and a great opportunity to bring behind-the-scenes action to our SpeedVideo viewers.”

“SpeedVideo is far and away the leader in drag racing live streaming,” said Wes Buck, founder and editorial director of Drag Illustrated.  “I’m looking forward to this new partnership,  so it’s a no-brainer to have them involved in what will soon be the biggest doorslammer drag race in the history of the world. The SpeedVideo guys are trailblazers, which is something both Richard Freeman and Elite Motorsports and myself and Drag Illustrated relate to,” said Buck. “We’re excited to have them producing a world-class live streaming experience for our fans and marketing partners.”

Full live event coverage of the World Doorslammer Nationals in live HD will be available on for annual or monthly subscribers. The World Doorslammer Nationals will have two qualifying sessions on Friday, followed by three more on Saturday, and eliminations will be taking place on Sunday. Free content will include select Thursday interviews, testing, and select qualifying sessions. 

The Drag Illustrated Main Event 2020 will be hosted at Bandimere Speedway on July 31-August 1. More information is coming soon regarding that event.


To subscribe to SpeedVideo, go to



SpeedVideo is all about killer live automotive video. We shoot it, stream it, and broadcast it LIVE! Our promise to you… superior quality, immersive video, and kick-ass racing, LIVE & On-Demand!


Through its media properties, social media channels and ever-growing event offerings, Drag Illustrated is dedicated to growing and building the sport of drag racing around the world. For more on Drag Illustrated visit



Power Automedia

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Murrieta, CA, Jan 26, 2020 – Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP) hosted the Shakedown Nationals for the first time last year, a world-class track providing a surface for every type of class. Shakedown Nationals features the best of Pro Mod, Radial vs World, Limited Drag Radial, X275, Ultra Street, Outlaw 10.5, and DXP 235. VMP has always been the location for events that are entrenched in the history of drag racing and Shakedown added to that history by bringing several new records with last year’s event.

Power Automedia and are proud to announce that they will be broadcasting the Shakedown Nationals XVIII with a multi-year agreement.

“The first year of Shakedown Nationals definitely exceeded my expectations. From the energy of the crowd to the performances on the track, the entire event was something special,” explained Tyler Crossnoe, VMP’s Vice President. “In 2020 we expect to see more great fans and racers. Our goal as a racetrack is to provide top-tier entertainment both on and off of the track. With an event like Shakedown, the on-track action is very exciting and the midway not only provides support for the racers but provides the fans with more entertainment.” will be broadcasting all of the exciting action from the COMP Cams Shakedown Nationals XVIII on September 16-19 so viewers from all over the world can see every second of the breathtaking multi-class racing. The event will be available in its entirety to SpeedVideo subscribers. In addition, there will be free bonus content including Thursday’s test and tune, Round 1 qualifying, and more. A ton of live content will be flowing from Shakedown to satisfy the drag racing masses.

Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo’s General Manager, said, “Tommy, Tyler, and the entire VMP team know what it takes to put on a great event, and we are thrilled to bring the Shakedown Nationals live to all SpeedVideo viewers. This event has a great mix of Pro Mod and radial racing.”

Experience all of the tire-burning action in person at Virginia Motorsports Park on September 16-19 by signing up to join SpeedVideo at to see everything in HD. Make sure to visit to stay updated on all the Shakedown Nationals information. 

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Junkyard Challenge presented by K&N Schedule Announced, Special Appearance by Brandon Arthur

MURRIETA, CA —  POWER AUTOMEDIA’s epic junkyard battle build-off video series, the Junkyard Challenge presented by K&N, will officially begin airing on December 5, 2019, with a special 5-episode extravaganza of the ultimate off-road competition.

Concluding the third and final Horsepower Wars series for 2019, the Junkyard Challenge presented by K&N gets down and dirty as four badass build teams go head-to-head in a junkyard arena with trucks cobbled together using equal parts ingenuity, skill, creativity, and luck as they hustle to hit the jackpot prize of $10,000 cash.

With an insanely tight 7-day timeframe and $2,500 base vehicle purchase budget, all builds were done on-location – not in a shop with lifts and air tools – adding authenticity while ramping up the degree of difficulty for the Junkyard Challenge teams as well as the Power Automedia logistics and film crews. Teams were supplied with an additional $2,500 in Summit Racing credit to order whatever they need to get their rad rigs ready to rock, and an additional $1,000 in cash was made available to each team to buy additional items – including runs to the junkyard for used parts and necessities.

With the Southern California mountains setting the stage with the perfect off-road backdrop, the Junkyard Challenge presented by K&N series will air on Thursdays at 5pm PST (8pm EST). Episode 1, which is set to debut on December 5, 2019, introduces the players, trucks, and outlines the overall challenge.

Slated for December 12, Episode 2 has been marked as “Time to Build” and showcases the burgeoning builds of each team as they put together their plans to compete in the 2019 Junkyard Challenge presented by K&N. Episode 3, “The Game is Fabrication,” follows up on December 19 with even more coverage of each team’s journey to put together the ultimate dirt monster.

Junkyard Challenge presented by K&N will take a break the following week in honor of the holiday season, and returns on January 2, 2020, with Episode 4: “The Finished Product.” Recapping the progress each team made so far and setting the stage for the grand finale, Junkyard Challenge will conclude on January 9 with Episode 5, “Send It!”

“This was a really unique series for us, first, because it is off-road. We have a few people on our staff, like our Shop Manager John Torres and OffRoad Xtreme Editor Steve Olsewski, with a tremendous amount of off-road racing experience, yet many think of us as a media company centered around drag racing. So, it was definitely a chance to prove our worth in the off-road world,” added Scott Parker, Vice President, Content at Power Automedia.

Throughout the Junkyard Challenge, made possible thanks to K&N Engineering, fans can expect wild yet insightful commentary from Bangshift’s own Chad Reynolds – host of the Junkyard Challenge as well as Pony Wars 2019 and a competitor in the $10K Drag Shootout. Special appearances by Toyo Tires driver Brandon Arthur, multi-time Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series champion, also adds excitement and unexpected twists to the programming.

2019 Junkyard Challenge presented by K&N schedule:

  • Episode 1: Meet the Players, Trucks, & Competition – 12/05/19
  • Episode 2: Time to Build – 12/12/19
  • Episode 3: The Game is Fabrication – 12/19/19
  • Episode 4: The Finished Product – 01/02/20
  • Episode 5: Send It – 01/09/20

The final four teams competing in the Junkyard Challenge presented by K&N are:

  1. Team RaceAnything: Jeff Mello, Trevor Huiskens, Jack Tagart, and Kevin Yoder
  2. Team NEXGEN: Dez Knight, Don Knight, Chris Nissley, and Kris Steele
  3. Team Rock Solid Off-Road: Mike Francis, Tyler Francis, Billy Sykes, and James Doughty
  4. Team Damage, Inc.: Matt Moghaddam, Sandy Sausser, Tyler Mitchell, and Rylee Walker

Tune in to see who will reign supreme and be crowned king of the Junkyard Challenge presented by K&N as four insane trucks go all-out while going off-road.

For more information on Horsepower Wars and the Junkyard Challenge presented by K&N, please visit


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Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout 2 Cars Badly Burned in Fire – Teams Vow to Rebuild

MURRIETA, CA —  POWER AUTOMEDIA’s wildly popular Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout 2 suffered a massive blow as the four race cars cars were recently involved in a fire disaster during transport. The transporter that was hauling the $10K Drag Shootout 2 cars caught fire and the blaze engulfed the vehicles.

Three of the four $10K Drag Shootout 2 cars on the rig were damaged, but, most notably, the COMP Cams Dream Team’s Ford Mustang was totally destroyed while Team Bigun’s Ford Granada wagon’s entire front clip, including the engine and transmission, were scorched.

Within hours of the initial announcement, shock quickly turned into determination with a goal of rebuilding in time to race. However, once the full scope of the extensive damage was assessed, it became clear that it was more practical to push the race forward to Donald “Duck” Long’s “Lights Out” event in February 2020.

“There is a roller coaster of emotions when something like this happens. At first, you feel completely crushed not only for all the hard work that Power Automedia put into it, but the effort and dedication that these teams showed over the ten days they spent building these cars – time away from their families, plus all the time they spent planning leading up to the competition,” explained Scott Parker of Horsepower Wars. “That heartbreak, though, was replaced with the resilient and hopeful spirit of these dedicated racers.”

Despite being badly burned, it has been confirmed that the teams intend to rebuild and will be ready to race! It will be a monumental undertaking to get everything repaired, however, Horsepower Wars, the teams, and wonderful partners are committed to making the best of the situation for both the participants and the fans. The affected teams will rebuild their cars, and the fire will not be the end of the $10K Drag Shootout 2.

“It was discouraging to see the condition of the Dream Team race car after the fire,” said Dream Team’s Dave Henninger. “On the bright side, all the competing teams were on board to come together and fix all the cars. We will bring the car back to life to compete at the same level prior to the fire. The Dream Team is committed to showing the other three teams that we can rise up to any challenge, including this one,”

Similarly, Chad Reynolds of Team Bigun shared the same sentiment and determination to rebuild. “It’s legitimately heartbreaking because you spend ten days building this thing nonstop, putting in blood, sweat, and tears, and then a freak accident burns it to the ground.” Although his team’s car is crispy, they intend to stand proud in the face of adversity and are going to leave as much as possible of the burned parts intact. “I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking and we’re trying to be positive, but we’re not done. That son of a bitch is going to fly and we’re going to win the ten grand!”

Of course, the enormous undertaking to rebuild wouldn’t be possible without the blessing from Horsepower Wars. Fortunately, the focus has been turned to seeing what the teams can accomplish despite the adversity. Rather than simply cover the rebuild with a blog or video blog, the goal is to still allow the competitors to showcase their technical talents and determination as originally intended in a full episode, which hardcore racers and casual fans alike will surely appreciate.

“The amount of hard work and effort that these teams and sponsors have contributed was jaw dropping. Now, after the tragedy, they are willing to get back at it and rebuild. It really is amazing their commitment. What an incredible group of racers and builders…” said James Lawrence, Power Automedia’s CEO. “Quitting has never been an option for anyone involved in the $10K Drag Shootout, which gives teams a budget of $10,000 and a timeline of 10 days to build the fastest drag car possible. This setback will only serve as a temporary speed bump and not an insurmountable roadblock.”

The storyline has since shifted from a pure rivalry to more than just a competition – now, it’s about redemption and resurrection, with the validation of finishing the task at hand being a prize all will be able to enjoy (regardless of the ultimate overall outcome).

Out of respect for all involved, and for the amazing job that the competitors did to build their entries in the first place, the show must go on. While the scheduled race and final episode will be delayed, the remainder of the build episodes will air every Tuesday at 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST as scheduled.

The Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout was developed to showcase the “never say die” attitude where goals are relentlessly pursued, and this incident only further highlights the sheer skill and determination of the involved teams. To watch a video outlining the extent of the damage and the recovery plan, please visit For more information on Horsepower Wars and the $10K Drag Shootout, please visit

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MURRIETA, CA — POWER AUTOMEDIA’s exciting Horsepower Wars show has announced a partnership with Dana Aftermarket’s Victor Reinz Sealing Products has for its second season.

Without the support of Victor Reinz and others, it would not be possible to develop the Horsepower Wars shows. It’s the generous contributions of partners companies that enable the participating teams – and millions of viewers worldwide – to take part in the epic Horsepower Wars challenges.

“Victor Reinz is excited to serve as a premier sponsor of this year’s edition of Horsepower Wars, especially as we enter the 110th anniversary of Victor Reinz this season” says Beth Mooney, Senior Marketing Manager at Dana Aftermarket. “Our top-quality performance gaskets are a perfect solution for the demands that the competitors will place on these vehicles.”

Building a competition vehicle – especially under pressure – requires precision and reliable gaskets and sealants, and Victor Reinz’s products offer a history of outstanding performance. A number of Horsepower Wars’ teams used Victor Reinz’s products in their builds to ensure tight seals and no leaks.

Victor Reinz has been a leader in the industry since the Victor brothers invented the cylinder head gasket in Chicago in 1909. Supplying gaskets and sealing products to original equipment manufacturers for decades, Victor Reinz is also the world’s largest manufacturer of gaskets and sealing products.

To watch Horsepower Wars Season 2, please visit For more information on the full line of products offered by Victor Reinz, please visit