Power Automedia Announces Electrified, An All-Encompassing Electric Vehicle Publication

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Murrieta, CA — With electric vehicles (EVs) becoming increasingly popular, Power Automedia, a leading authority on all things automotive, has announced the launch of Electrified. The new digital publication is dedicated to covering all things electric vehicles, from bleeding-edge news and reviews to e-mobility advice and tips for consumers. If you’re passionate about electrifying your life, Electrified will be your go-to source for everything EV. 

“Electrified was created with early adopters in mind – the type of consumer that pre-orders the latest smartphone or device,” stated Chief Content Officer Scott Parker. “We’re looking to build a community of people passionate about the sort of technology that can transform our lives. These are the people bold enough to dream of a life electrified.”

Electrified will be much more than a niche automotive digital magazine – exploring a range of topics in electro mobility, commercial transport, personal assistance vehicles, commuting solutions, and everything in between. This broad focus is in response to the increasing global interest in EVs, as well as the need for a publication that can provide comprehensive coverage of the EV landscape.

Electrified will provide an immersive digital experience that goes beyond just its website with engaging newsletter, video, and social media content served up daily. Stay tuned for more information – including the release date and details on how to subscribe.



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Power Automedia believes in creating the best automotive content, to fuel the magic of the automobile. We believe in helping people achieve their dreams by building something special. We pioneered the automotive digital media revolution, and have continued to innovate to stay on the forefront of the digital landscape.