Brian Wagner Becomes Lead Content Creator at Dragzine

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A new era is upon Power Automedia, and Wagner will help usher in a host of changes to Dragzine.

Power Automedia announced that it has hired Brian Wagner as Lead Content Creator at Dragzine, the premiere drag racing content provider on the internet. Brian will lead the brand into a new era with support from Jeremy Nichols, Senior Tech Creator.

Brian has over 7 years experience on the Dragzine staff, and another 4 years prior as a freelance writer and photographer. A year ago he took over Street Muscle, but was thrilled at the opportunity to take the helm at Dragzine.

“It’s been a great ride at Street Muscle, taking it to new and exciting places, but drag racing just feels like home,” Wagner quoted.

Both in his time at Dragzine and at Street Muscle, Wagner has embraced all forms of new media including podcasts and video. Wagner hosted the “Dragzine Podcast,” SpeedVideo’s “Tech Inspection,” dozens of YouTube videos, and provided on-air talent for FLO Racing’s drag racing live streams. He also pilots a pair of fourth-gen Firebird project cars, competing at LS Fest, NMCA and other events.

“Brian is a fantastic motorsports photographer, passionate about drag racing, and one of the hardest working people I know,” stated Scott Parker, Vice President of Content & Strategy. “The combination of talent, passion, and grit is exactly what we look for at Power Automedia and an ideal fit to take over Dragzine.”

Wagner will push Dragzine into a new era with fresh ideas and the will to continue building it into a powerhouse of drag racing content.


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