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LSX Magazine (formally LSXTV), is the #1 magazine focusing on late-model GM and LSX performance. From the original LS1 powerplant that started the small-block revolution in 1997 to the latest LSX, Gen V LT1 and LT4, LSX Magazine covers every aspect of modern GM vehicles. On LSX Magazine, you’ll find everything from Camaros, Corvettes, Cadillacs and GM Trucks, to LS swaps into classic muscle cars.

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LSX Magazine – Editorial Mission

magazine-detail-upto-speed-iconAPPRECIATE HIGH TECH AND HERITAGE
LSX Magazine readers recognize the value of a light, durable, and high-tech powerplant in a world obsessed with a more cams are better mindset.

magazine-detail-minute-of-the-actionGET THEIR HANDS DIRTY
They’re not afraid to dig into their engine, whether it’s a daily driver or racecar. No matter the build, they’re turning their own wrenches.

magazine-detail-go-fast-iconWANT TO KNOW MORE
LSX Magazine readers want to know the “why” behind the “how.” From suspension geometry to air/fuel maps, they’re always learning.

magazine-detail-we-race-too-iconLOVE A GOOD SWAP
There’s no car or truck that an LS powerplant can’t make better. Import or domestic, if it’s got an LS under the hood, it’s cool.

The LSX Team

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