Power Automedia Promotes Andrew Almazan to Vice President of People

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Murrieta, CA — Power Automedia is happy to announce that Andrew Almazan has been promoted from Creative Operations Director to Vice President of People after celebrating 9 years with the company. Power Automedia believes in the magic of the automobile and building something special. That is only accomplished through adhering to its core values. Andrew has embodied these values and been a prime example of leadership within the organization throughout his tenure.

“Not only is Andrew’s commitment to values exemplary, but when it comes to self-improvement, it is unrivaled. He has built and rebuilt himself from the ground up with dedication, curiosity, and intentionality,” stated Chief Operating Officer Scott Parker. “He has had a demanding job, but somehow managed to complete a Master’s degree to prepare for this role – a degree that we have seen add value in real world situations. His ability to work cross departmentally and provide the glue within the company makes him a welcome addition to the executive team.”

Andrew joined the company as a Staff Writer for Rod Authority in 2013, generating content and managing projects for the title until he became the Editor a year later. As his career continued to develop, Andrew’s role expanded to Hot Rod Group Editor, Editorial Operations Manager, and Creative Operations Director. Over the years, he worked closely with members of senior leadership, led cross-functional teams, and exercised conflict resolution skills which allowed his career to continue developing. 

“Our company is emerging in a new era of work,” stated Almazan. “The ability to communicate across divisions, to articulate how each component impacts what we’re working to achieve, guiding our managers and leaders with a strength-based approach, and investing time into helping others sharpen their emotional intelligence are as integral to a company’s long-term success as much as its financial strength. Cultivating our talent’s potential on a daily basis, creating a hard-to-replicate and authentic work culture, all while driving towards business excellence is what guides me in my new role, which I am honored to step into.”

In his new role as Vice President of People, Almazan will be responsible for leading all HR initiatives and ensuring that core values continue to be upheld across all departments – setting an example for others within the company of how dedication and hard work pays off.



Power Automedia believes in the magic of the automobile, helping automotive enthusiasts achieve their dreams, and building something special. They communicate with passion and emotion, educate with expertise and enthusiasm, and nurture and entertain new enthusiasts. Power Automedia currently publishes digital automotive enthusiast magazines and produces video content for auto industry clients. For more on Power Automedia visit www.powerautomedia.com


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Press Contact: Amanda Bourne


Power Automedia believes in creating the best automotive content, to fuel the magic of the automobile. We believe in helping people achieve their dreams by building something special. We pioneered the automotive digital media revolution, and have continued to innovate to stay on the forefront of the digital landscape.