By: Amanda Bourne On: April 08, 2022 In: Company News, Press Release Comments: 0

Murrieta, CA – Power Automedia is passionate about supporting its automotive professionals and content creators and is excited to announce the creation of PAM FIRST, a new education webinar series. Taking inspiration from the editorial division’s annual seminar, PAM FIRST expands on the idea of continued education to provide a platform for this discourse to continue throughout the year. The webinars cover a variety of content-related topics and are open to all Power Automedia employees.

PAM FIRST is a monthly webinar series that covers a variety of topics, going beyond simply crafting digital content to include subjects on self development with the latest and most innovative techniques from world renowned thought-leaders. Each webinar comprises an hour-long presentation by a Power Automedia employee, followed by a question-and-answer session. The first webinar took place back in November 2021 and focused on stress management while later webinars in the series delved into subjects such as SEO, indoor photography tips, and even video production.

Creative Operations Director Andrew Almazan stated, “Last year we made a commitment. To be champions, as an organization, of our own continued development. This is value #3 within our organization and we quickly realized that our past efforts towards educational engagement were awesome, but there was more that we could do. These webinars not only cover education related to craft, but skills specific to function, and more broadly — what it takes to be an effective professional in the 21st century. This is a very practical way to build empathy across the company, break down silos, and stimulate lateral capability.”


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