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By: Ainsley Jacobs

MURRIETA, CA —  HORSEPOWER WARS and K&N have joined forces, with K&N being named the Official Filtration Partner of the popular automotive show series. In addition, K&N will become the title sponsor of the Horsepower Wars Truck/Junkyard Challenge Competition.


Launched in 2018, Horsepower Wars quickly developed a cult following, featuring fierce competitions between rivals on the dyno, at the dragstrip, or at the road course. Horsepower Wars drew more than 3 million views in its first season. Now, Horsepower Wars is stepping up to a whole new level of awesome for 2019 with K&N proudly on board as a premier sponsor. K&N shall be featured in all three Horsepower Wars show series for 2019.


The K&N brand has been a longtime favorite of street performance drivers and hardcore racers alike. The company’s performance air intake systems and filtration elements are known to offer superior performance and are trusted by countless enthusiasts around the globe to enhance their vehicles.


“K&N is excited to partner with Power Automedia in 2019 as a premier sponsor of Horsepower Wars,” said Phil Swire, Chief Marketing Officer at K&N Engineering. “Since 1969, we’ve been dedicated to spearheading innovative, top-of-the-line filtration technology—for high-powered vehicles in demanding competitions like Horsepower Wars, as well as for daily drivers.”


“We are proud to partner with a market leader like K&N,” added Scott Parker, Horsepower Wars. “Having a competition that takes place on dirt where proper air filtration is essential, like the Truck Challenge, makes K&N a natural fit as the title sponsor. The other series can also benefit from top performing induction and filtration options, just as K&N’s customers have for decades. Horsepower Wars first season was bigger than we expected, and with K&N’s support, Season 2 is shaping up to showcase some amazing competitors and competitions!”


Together, Power Automedia and K&N are building something special. Horsepower Wars fans and viewers can expect an even bigger, more exciting 2019 as Season 2 is slated to deliver special content, also including Pony Wars: Mustang vs. Camaro vs. Challenger and the innovative $10K Drag Shootout, and more! Season 2 content kicks off in March 2019.

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MURRIETA, CA —  POWER AUTOMEDIA has added two respected members to its team, as Lloyd Hunt has returned as National Sales Manager and Jeff Jacques has been hired as the company’s Business Development Director.  Known for top-notch content and quality, Power Automedia is expanding the business development team with equally high-level talent.

Hunt’s career at Power Automedia began in 2007 when he was hired on as Publisher where he interacted with clients to help build powerful digital marketing strategies that delivered results through branding, content, and social media. Now, in a new role as National Sales Manager, Hunt will help lead all business relationships at Power Automedia with vision, dedication, and energy.

“I’m happy to come back to my home at Power Automedia where I started nearly 11 years ago. Having the opportunity to spread my wings outside the company really gave me a powerful insight into what manufacturers need beyond what marketers and publishers would traditionally think,” shared Hunt. “I’ll be able to better help our partners and I’m excited for the opportunity.”


Similarly, Jacques also brings a wealth of knowledge with him as the experienced media professional has a solid background in sales and account management. “With Power Automedia, I found a group of people who appreciated the automobile as much as I did. I have seen their dedication to helping their clients, and am thrilled to be part of that process,” added Jacques.


“We are excited to have Lloyd and Jeff on the Power Automedia team. Lloyd’s leadership will only strengthen our client relationships, and Jeff is a very solid and experienced media expert,” said Power Automedia CEO, James Lawrence.

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MURRIETA, CA —  Power Automedia’s all-original show Horsepower Wars debuted in 2018, to rave reviews, millions of viewers, and a season of action-packed competitions and storylines. Horsepower Wars returns in 2019 even bigger.


Horsepower Wars shows feature a series of competitions between automotive shops, engine builders, racers, and tuners. Each show series consists of a shootout where viewers get to witness the entire build process and competition… culminating in one winner.


In 2019 – there will be three Horsepower Wars series:

    • $10K Drag Race Shootout “2”The wildly popular reality show returns – where four teams compete with $10,000 to build a drag car in only 10 days. After the builds, they have to square off in a heads-up drag race, where one winner will stand alone at the end on the biggest stage!


  • Pony Wars 2019 – The popular Mustang vs. Camaro show returns, with the addition of a new Dodge Challenger – adding a Mopar to the mix! This year’s show has new twists and turns, and millions will be watching to see if the Dodge or Mustang can wrestle the crown from the 6th Gen Chevy…


  • Junkyard Challenge – An all-new series debuts in 2019, where teams fiercely compete in multiple driving competitions using affordable trucks that they build using creativity and ingenuity. The teams will do battle in a variety of racing competitions, from offroad, dirt track, tug of war, and more!



Horsepower Wars was an amazing new launch for us in 2018, and we reached more than 3 million viewers,” explained James Lawrence, Power Automedia CEO. “The competitors were amazing, the sponsors helped make it possible, and we can’t wait for 2019 to start. You’re going to have to see it for yourself. We can’t wait to start unveiling some of our plans, new sponsors, and challenges. I’m really proud of our production team’s work on this, and next year is just going to be really fun.”

Horsepower Wars’ Season 2 kicks off in March 2019 with filming for Pony Wars 2019. Sign up to receive show information, news, and updates at

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MURRIETA, CA — Power Automedia is proud to announce a fresh new logo and look to Power & Performance magazine. Power & Performance magazine was acquired by Power Automedia in 2017 as part of Xceleration Media. The website was re-launched earlier this year, however, the new look is symbolic of the magazine’s new direction.

“Prior to our acquisition, Power & Performance was producing content on anything from big-block and small-block Chevy’s to Gen II Hemis and small-block Fords,” said Scott Parker, Senior Director of Content & Strategy. “However, we decided to refocus the magazine on strictly late model content – aggressively pursuing Gen III Hemi as well as Coyote and LS/LT. From the standing mile to the street, Power & Performance appeals to enthusiasts actively pursuing maximum power using the latest technology which still makes it suitable for a daily driver.”

“Power & Performance has continued to evolve over the last 10 years alongside the performance industry, but our logo had not,” admitted Nicole James, Editor of Power & Performance. “The new Power & Performance logo retains a similar look to the original, but it’s been updated to be modern, clean, and powerful. It’s more aggressive, assertive, and something you can’t ignore.”

Power & Performance is a digital magazine, publishing content daily on the latest news, events and new products for late model performance cars and trucks. The latest late model builds are featured which utilize high-horsepower, streetable powertrains. Visit to check out the new look and feel.


Power Automedia’s mission is to create the most beautiful automotive content, and make an enduring mark on the automotive world. Power Automedia champions the automotive digital media revolution by publishing automotive magazines, immersive videos, and captivating live broadcasts. At Power Automedia–we believe in the magic of the automobile. For more on Power Automedia visit

Press Contact:
Mariah Boyd
951-677-2626 x143

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Power Automedia’s highly anticipated “Horsepower Wars: $10K Drag Shootout” storyline is underway – with the fourth of the eleven episodes recently debuting at, Facebook, YouTube and leading social media platforms.

For the $10K Drag Shootout, four teams, each with five crew members, have been given $3,000 to purchase a car and $7,000 worth of Summit Racing gift cards that allow each crew to pick and choose from the distributor’s extensive selection of go-fast goodies.

The teams had 10 days to build as fast as they can, and then will be given the opportunity to lay down the fastest e.t. possible September 13-16 at Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. In the meantime, trash talking and infighting are sure to ensue. Whichever team handles sleep deprivation best, will be crowned the winner and get to keep their car. One of the other three rides will be given to one lucky viewer – meaning you could actually walk away with a Horsepower Wars drag car of your very own.

“The $10K Shootout debut has been really strong. The teams and drama is off the charts,” said James Lawrence, Power Automedia and Horsepower Wars CEO.

“Racers are going to be racers, looking for every tiny loophole or advantage they can get. At the same time, the clock is ticking. One misstep can set back the whole build,” said Scott Parker, Power Automedia and Horsepower Wars Senior Director of Content & Strategy. “Although you can watch this series on any device, this is the type of show you are going to want to queue up on your smart TV’s YouTube app and watch with your friends. It really does transcend the automotive genre and is just plain entertaining.”

The four teams are:

  • Team Boddie, 1984 Buick Regal: nitrous big-block Chevy – led by Russ Wullenwaber & Jay Boddie.
  • Team Bigun, 1986 Mustang GT: turbo LS – led by Lyle Barnett & Eric Yost.
  • Team Stinky Pinky, third-gen Camaro: blown big-block Chevy, led by Dean Karns & Papa Disco.
  • Comp Cams Dream Team, 1990 Mustang GT: turbo LS – led by Jeff Reed.

Highlights include team-on-team drama, a taco-eating contest (the winner got a complete NOS nitrous kit), a trip to a salvage yard for some parts shopping, and more. Of course there is a lot of hard work going on as the four teams put noses to grindstones in the quest to win $10K Drag Shootout glory. Visit to see it all!

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SpeedVideo and Duck X Productions announced today a multi-year agreement to live-broadcast three of the most popular drag racing events of the year: No Mercy, Lights Out, and Sweet 16.

Donald Long, promoter extraordinaire and owner of Duck X, has built his reputation by drawing the top radial racers in the world and bringing countless jaw-dropping moments of excitement to famed South Georgia Motorsports Park. Long’s events are known for having new records set and champions being crowned.

“Duck X Productions and myself are really excited about the future of our live feed partnership with SpeedVideo,” said Donald. “I am looking forward to bringing our events to the next level, and bringing our great fans the best quality live feed coverage that is out there. SpeedVideo is more than just a livestream company, they are also a huge marketing partner with tons of racing partners and friends in the drag racing community. We are honored to have them on board, and hopefully help each other to make this sport better than ever.”

In addition to the live HD broadcast on, the high-definition coverage will be broadcast via Facebook Live, YouTube, and The official schedule for the new events will be released soon.

“Donald Long’s infamous radial events are nothing short of epic,” said James Lawrence, SpeedVideo CEO. “We are excited to be a part of his team, and to bring the viewers and fans of SpeedVideo the best and most exciting radial racing in the world. Donald is nothing if not controversial, he is an innovative promoter who knows how to put on a show. We are excited to capture that energy and excitement of his events in our broadcasts as we take them to the next level.”

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Throughout the first half of 2018, the SpeedVideo team traveled across the United States live broadcasting more than 12 different motorsports events. The broadcasts were streamed to, YouTube, Facebook Live, and other social media platforms, reaching racing fans across the planet. The total audience features more than 5.3 million video plays and more than 27 million minutes of broadcast time.

The US Street Nationals in Bradenton, NMCA Events, and TX2K has huge audience growth in 2018 over 2017, year over year – with TX2K featuring almost 1 million videos broadcast.

“The broadcasts we’ve had this year so far have grown, and been nothing short of amazing,” said Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo General Manager. “We’ve certainly seen some exciting racing and it’s only going to get better. Points battles are heating up in the NMRA, PDRA, and NMCA along with events like Outlaw Armageddon and the World Cup: Domestic vs. Import are on the horizon.”

SpeedVideo’s live drag racing broadcasts will continue throughout 2018, covering events from the NMCA, PDRA, NMRA, Outlaw Armageddon, Shakedown at the Summit, Miller Brothers Productions, Redemption, and more. View past and future events in HD at


January – May 2018 SpeedVideo Event Statistics:












*indicates inclement weather

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Power Automedia today announced a partnership with Summit Racing Equipment who was tapped to be the official parts supplier of its new automotive show, Horsepower Wars. The new head-to-head web-based series features fierce competition between rivals in one of four venues: the dragstrip, road course, engine dyno, or chassis dyno.

In the first episodes, Pony Wars – Mustang vs. Camaro, two teams are given either a 2017 Mustang GT or 2017 Camaro SS. The teams then receive an initial $5,000 budget for bolt-on mods, followed by $15,000 for a boost build off. The cars will be competing in drag racing, road racing, chassis dyno, and 60-0 braking. Summit will not only help supply products, but Summit’s pricing will be used as a guide for each team’s budget.

Summit will also provide $7,000 of credit for each participant in the upcoming $10k Drag Shootout – in which teams are given only 10 days to buy, build, and then race a drag car with plenty of challenges along the way. The $10K Drag Shootout represents a perfect fit for Summit’s extensive parts availability as all parts selected by each team from Summit’s website will receive free overnight shipping.

“We’re excited to work with Power Automedia and Horsepower Wars,” said Al Noe, Summit Racing Chief Marketing Officer. “The show represents what our customers are all about– real people turning wrenches and making power in their own garages.”

“The $10K Drag Shootout is going to be an action-packed 10 days for all of the teams involved and those of us at here at Horsepower Wars,” said Andrew Wolf, Editor of “With a narrow frame of time to build a vehicle from the ground-up, drama is certainly inevitable, but it’s going to be exciting to watch the creativity of these teams and what they can brew up using only limited funds.”

View Summit Racing Equipment’s website at For more information on Horsepower Wars, please visit

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SpeedVideo and Haltech World Cup Finals have officially extended their live broadcast agreement which will now extend coverage of the event for the next three years.

The Import vs. Domestic: Haltech World Cup Finals event is one of the largest of its kind in the nation, taking place at the famous Maryland International Raceway. With SpeedVideo, drag racing fans all over the world will be able to enjoy the same excitement as those in person in HD with studio-quality audio.

“Miller Brothers Productions’ commitment to pitting some of the fastest domestics against some of the fastest imports in the world makes this a must see event,” said Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo General Manager. “We couldn’t be happier to be working with them for the next three years, and we’re excited to bring the action LIVE to the entire world. We’ve got some great new things planned for this event this year that should make it the most exciting broadcast of the WCF yet.”

Over the course of the past couple of years, the partnership has proven more than successful, racking up astronomical views on as well as leading social media platforms.

“We have been extremely pleased with the live coverage SpeedVideo has produced for the Haltech World Cup Finals and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future,” said Jason Miller, Event Promoter. “For this year’s WCF event, we have added a second manned scaffold right beside the quarter-mile stripe so cameras can pan the action all the way to the finish line! Miller Brothers Productions and are going to offer our fans live coverage that will take our broadcast and event to the next level!”

View the schedule of upcoming live streams as well as past events from the World Cup Finals, and more, on Find out more information about the Haltech World Cup Finals at


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Power Automedia announced today a partnership with leading aftermarket supercharger manufacturer, ProCharger.

ProCharger products will be featured primarily throughout two of the company’s upcoming automotive head-to-head Horsepower Wars episodes, “Pony Wars” and “LS vs. Coyote Part II.” In addition to be featured on the two episodes, ProCharger products will be the exclusive source for all forced-induction needs on the show.

Horsepower Wars’ LS vs. Coyote Shootout revisits Power Automedia’s simple, yet controversial debut into the series– but this time with two boosted versions of each engine, $15,000, and as much horsepower as possible.

Pony Wars, on the other hand, will be a 2017 Ford Mustang GT and a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS going head-to-head on a dyno, road course, and drag strip– first with $5,000 worth of bolt-ons, then with an additional $15,000 to spend and the brand new ProCharger D1X on both.

“Horsepower Wars is a really exciting automotive show that ProCharger is very proud to be involved in,” said Ken Jones, ProCharger CEO. “We’re looking forward to seeing what the teams and competitors pull off. ProCharger likes being involved with innovative concepts, and from what we’ve seen, this is just the beginning.”

View ProCharger products at For more information on Horsepower Wars, please visit