Horsepower Wars 2018 Season & Launched

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MURRIETA, CA — Power Automedia’s highly anticipated competition-based automotive show, Horsepower Wars, has debuted — along with the launch of it’s video platform To give fans a taste of the hype, the Horsepower Wars production team has released a sizzle reel, overviewing the first season’s action-packed episodes.

  • Pony Wars: Camaro vs. Mustang – A 2017 Ford Mustang GT and a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS go head-to-head on a dyno, road course, and drag strip – first with $5,000 to spend on bolt-ons, then with superchargers and all the teams can get their hands on for $15,000.
  • $10K Drag Shootout – Teams are given $10k to buy, build, and race a drag car in just 10 days with a plethora of surprises and challenges along the way. The score is settled at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio in September.
  • Coyote vs. LS Shootout 2 : Boost – Horsepower Wars revisits the simple, yet controversial debut into the series– but this time with two boosted versions of each engine, $15,000 each, and as much horsepower as possible.
  • True Street Chassis Dyno Showdown – The rules are simple: 100 mile drive, license, registration, insurance, and 100 percent pump gas in the tank. Three back-to-back runs with the highest average power wins.


“Horsepower Wars is going to be filled with raw, unbridled automotive passion – created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts,” said Scott Parker, Power Automedia’s Executive Director of Content & Strategy. “You can get a sense for how authentic this show is going to be to the hobby. Perhaps, best of all, when a fan wants to know more about something that happened in a particular episode, there are pages of content ready to satisfy them – all in one location – as well as outlets to engage the show creators and participants.”

With the first storyline underway, the Horsepower Wars team is working diligently on the remainder of the season. Follow along at


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