By: Amanda Bourne On: January 28, 2022 In: Company News, Press Release Comments: 0

Murrieta, CA — Power Automedia’s promise has always been to be a resource and an inspiration to automotive aftermarket enthusiasts while ensuring precious automotive knowledge is passed on to another generation. Amidst celebrating 15 years of innovative digital media, Power Automedia launched its “Media Movers, Shakers, and Story Breakers” campaign. The “Media Movers” campaign features an interview with each member of the editorial division, highlighting the uniquely passionate people which have been the driving force behind Power Automedia’s successful magazines.

The Media Movers and Shakers are a dedicated group of unique personalities banded together to bring readers everything from how-to articles, automotive news, and event coverage that can’t be found anywhere else on the web. It is through the words of the magazines’ editors that enthusiasts can find community, achieve their dreams, and share in the passions of the automotive hobby.

Power Automedia’s group of Story Breakers encompasses more than just an expert team of writers. Helping to shape both the future of the industry, and the digital content of the company is Chief Operating Officer Scott Parker, Creative Operations Director Andrew Almazan, and Managing Editor Amanda Bourne. Each member of editorial leadership contributes to fine-tuning the department’s mission of crafting the most innovative automotive content possible. Watch each Media Movers campaign spotlight here.

“This year at Power Automedia we launched the Media Movers & Shakers campaign. It isn’t just a reintroduction of the members that we take tremendous pride in,” explained Almazan. “This is a multifaceted and ongoing effort to equip our editorial division with the tools, time, and resources to tackle our constantly evolving landscape within the automotive enthusiast space. This is the ecology of our craft and our culture, and we’re just getting started.”



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