About Speedvideo

SpeedVideo delivers more than thirty of the most exciting racing events each year. These are real racing events that you won’t see on the mainstream automotive networks. The stands will be packed. The racing is fast paced. You’ll see some of the most popular racers compete with two goals in mind – bragging rights and to take home a big check!

HD High Quality Viewing

Shot with multiple HD cameras, SpeedVideo delivers every possible angle for an immersive viewing experience.


SpeedVideo is watched by enthusiasts across the Power Automedia network, Facebook, and Youtube. With 11 million views and an 72 million minutes watched a year SpeedVideo draws a huge viewership.

Real-time LIVE Broadcast

Our production quality brings near broadcast level TV directly to you. No broadcast delays here.

Watch on your devices

Whether you watch on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, SpeedVideo is delivering excitement to race fans worldwide in Real-Time!

Speedvideo Marketing

SpeedVideo offers three high value sponsorships for our LIVE broadcasts. Each sponsorship level is packed with opportunities to place your brand and message in front of enthusiasts before, during, and after a LIVE event.

Title Sponsor

The title sponsor position gets the highest levels of exposure for each event! Only one title sponsor position is available per event, making this sponsorship level exclusive with branding and recognition.

Highlight Sponsor

The Highlight sponsor is a single position sponsorship that receives exclusive recognition of all of the highlight videos coming out of the event, plus all of the high-value exposure of the official sponsorship.

Official Sponsor

Official sponsorships deliver high-value exposure, at a high value. Official sponsors receive billboards, display ads, commercials, and much more. Official sponsorships are limited to nine companies per event.

Why Consider Speedvideo Marketing?


Connect to an engaged audience that is plugged-in.


It’s more cost-effective and targeted than TV


Millions of eyeballs and more every day.


No other form of media has the same explosive growth.


Video is broadcast on-demand permanently.

Speedvideo by the Numbers

All SpeedVideo Live Broadcasts are available to watch on multiple platforms and devices, making it easy to watch LIVE Automotive events. SpeedVideo Live Events typically have 200,000+ views across all platforms with as many as 2.5+ million minutes broadcast for the largest events.


Our Team – SpeedVideo