Lucas Oil backs Horsepower Wars Teams with Oil & Lubricants

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MURRIETA, CA — POWER AUTOMEDIA’s Horsepower Wars series has officially teamed up with Lucas Oil Products for the show’s second season.

Companies like Lucas Oil Products are the key to Horsepower Wars’ success, as the show could not be produced without the support from industry leaders. Tom Bogner, Lucas Oil Products’ Director of Motorsports, had worked with the Power Automedia team in the past, and with so many great companies and race teams involved – including Summit Racing (a distributor of Lucas Oil Products) – it made sense for Lucas to get in on the action, too.

“This is a great way to be involved in a very interesting build with three separate teams, all having great following in the very popular Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, and Chevy Camaro American muscle market,” stated Bogner, who worked closely with all of the teams as they spec’d out their builds.

Manufacturing not only additives for engine assembly during the build phase, Lucas Oil also manufactures engine break-in oils, synthetic racing oils, and oils for standard passenger cars. “We had a great time interacting with Ron Mowen of Vengeance Racing and Chad Reynolds as they conducted their builds,” shared Bogner. “And how can you not enjoy time with Dennis Pittsenbarger and the bickering?” he added, laughing.

“Having a one thousand horsepower street car myself, I can relate to the challenges and really look forward to continued support of Horsepower Wars,” Bogner continued of the show’s strong relationship with Lucas Oil Products. As the days of a simple oil change are long gone, Lucas Oil understands that it’s important to have peace of mind when it comes to choosing the right oils to support engines that make big power – just like the teams involved in Horsepower Wars.

Lucas Oil currently manufactures all of the lubes that the cars participating in the various Horsepower Wars challenges need in order to run reliably, and successfully, in the harsh environments they’ll have to face in competition. A proudly family-owned company, Lucas Oil’s products are made in the USA and distributed worldwide.

To watch Horsepower Wars Season 2, please visit For more information on the full line of products offered by Lucas Oil Products, please visit


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