By: Amanda Bourne On: February 04, 2019 In: Press Release Comments: 0

MURRIETA, CA —  POWER AUTOMEDIA’s $10K Drag Shootout from Horsepower Wars has officially opened the team application process for the second season of its popular build-off and some exciting changes have been introduced to the event and rules to ensure the most epic event ever.


Horsepower Wars’ intense $10K Drag Shootout challenge pits teams against one another with the goal of building the baddest, fastest, most capable drag car possible in just ten days with a budget of only $10,000 thanks to support from generous sponsors including Comp Cams, Summit Racing, K&N Engineering, E3 Spark Plugs, and others. Open to any and all teams who wish to apply through the online process, the $10K Drag Shootout 2 is truly a feat of fabrication, a test of tuning skill, and most certainly a war of attrition.


Each team selected will be given $3,000 cash and $7,000 in Summit Racing gift cards to purchase needed parts and components, although teams can earn opportunities to win bonus parts or incur penalties through various challenges during the duration.


The official build has been set for May 8-18, 2019, in Riverside, California. Preliminary rules for the 2019 event have been drafted, the stage has been set for another cutthroat competition, and teams have been put on notice to start planning their battle strategies.


New this year are several changes designed to make the competition more thrilling, both for participants and for spectators alike. Most notably and due to popular demand, the $10K Drag Shootout will move to an eighth-mile format and will compete at No Mercy 10 in Valdosta, Georgia in October.


As for performance-based rule changes, teams will be allowed to use E85 as a fuel and are no longer limited to running just race gas. Dual power adders, however, have been outlawed and teams will be forced to choose one only for their builds to encourage more creative thinking. Overall, the rules have been tightened up to increase competitiveness and creativity.


Participating teams may not modify their combinations after completing their builds and there will be no changing of setups after the build. Specs and details of each build, too, will be readily available as all parts requests will be public and a protest period will be in effect. Wideband O2 sensors will be permitted for logging purposes, and qualifying has been extended to a generous six rounds. In 2019, a supplementary repair budget allocation of $1,500 per team has been set that will be strictly limited to repairs only and dispensed on a need-to-use basis.


“We made a concerted effort last year to take in all the feedback we had from the competitors since day one, some of the viewers too, and then combined that with some of the internal feedback during and after the $10K Drag Shootout,” shared Horsepower Wars’ Scott Parker of the changes, which culminated in improvements to the rules, the timeline, and even the application process. “I think we had a great starting point with the rules, and this was just a matter of adjusting to make the competition more fair, fun to watch, and relatable. Even with years of experience on rules committees between us, some things you simply have to learn from experience – and that is what we continue to do.”


The competition will be contested during Duck X Productions’ No Mercy 10 race at South Georgia Motorsports Park in October. After the conclusion of the highly-anticipated drag race grand finale, the winning team and their vehicle will be awarded a well-deserved $10,000 cash prize, their car, and undeniable, irrefutable bragging rights.


“We are looking for the top builders in the country to build the fastest drag car possible in 10 days with $10,000,” continued Parker of the amazing opportunity to be a part of something truly monumental. “Between the build timeline and the lack of testing leading up to the race, these guys have just a short window of time to get the car dialed in. One tiny detail can be disastrous. But for the team that puts it all together, there is no greater feeling.”


Teams who are interested in testing their luck (and skill) in this unique competition are invited to apply online ( starting on January 24. The application will remain open until the deadline on February 21, 2019. Team applications must be completely and properly filled out, and applying teams also must produce a video and a photo set prior to the deadline.


Whether you own a shop, are part of a group of racers from the same town, or are an individual that loves to wrench and race, Horsepower Wars invites you to apply to the 2019 $10K Drag Shootout.