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Murrieta, CA Power Automedia is making some changes to the products offered in the upcoming year with the addition of two video podcasts. The two video podcasts, also known as vodcasts, will be hosted on Street Muscle and Dragzine websites as well as most popular video platforms.

Followers of Street Muscle Magazine are already familiar with the recurring podcast, RodCAST Live, which began airing episodes in January 2020. Vinny Costa and Greg Acosta take viewers and listeners on an all-encompassing dive into the deep-end of all things automotive with guests ranging from racers to journalists, manufacturers, car builders, industry personalities, and much more. RodCAST Live airs every Friday at 12pm PST on the Street Muscle Facebook page and the newly created Street Muscle YouTube channel. It will soon launch natively on as well as other platforms. For those who are just learning of RodCAST Live and are interested in catching up, previous episodes will be uploaded to the Street Muscle YouTube channel every Tuesday at 12pm PST.

The Dragzine Podcast has been airing episodes since 2019 and will be receiving a few updates with the new year. The show is kept light-hearted and fun by host Brian Wagner, Sr. Associate Editor of Dragzine, and takes listeners on a trip beyond what they might normally see, read, or hear when it comes to the biggest names in drag racing. Episodes of The Dragzine Podcast feature guests from every corner of the drag racing world including big-money bracket racers, top tuners, and professional NHRA racers. The Dragzine Podcast had been purely audio for almost two years, however, starting in December it will transition to a video format which will utilize the Power Automedia YouTube channel that had been recently rebranded as Dragzine. Episodes will debut every Thursday at 12pm PST on, the new YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV.

To accompany the two video podcasts, Street Muscle Magazine and Dragzine will each be creating custom newsletters that provide additional sponsorship opportunities to clients enrolled in Power Automedia’s newly revised “Everywhere +” advertising package. The new designs will offer dedicated space for two pieces of custom-crafted sponsored content in addition to showcasing exclusive content not found on Power Automedia’s various magazine sites. 

“Having one of the largest and most sought after email lists, we have been asked by our partners if we could provide an opportunity for a sponsored newsletter for years,” stated Lloyd Hunt, Power Automedia’s Senior Director of Business Development. “Our readers’ experience is important to us, so not only did we want this updated newsletter to be valuable to them but also not overly promotional. Utilizing our existing vodcasts, it simply made sense to provide this 360 degree marketing approach.”



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Power Automedia is excited to announce recent expansions to its editorial team and video production team, Alloy Studios.

Nicole James relocated from Arizona to join the growing editorial department at the beginning of the year, joining the team as the Editor of Power Automedia’s Street Muscle Magazine. James brings with her a plethora of journalism and social media marketing experience, including background with a multitude of automotive journalism companies as well as degrees in journalism and social media.

“Nicole is the epitome of a modern magazine editor, fluent in all forms of digital media and how to actively engage the reader,” said Scott Parker, Power Automedia Director of Content and Strategy. “She is as proficient with a camera as she is with writing, editing and social media. In no time at all she has injected fresh ideas and a fresh perspective on Street Muscle, and I can’t wait to see what she can do.”

Along with a number of new and exciting ventures, Alloy Studios has welcomed Brian Petty as Lead Scriptwriter/Talent. Petty will be the face of Power Automedia’s upcoming Horsepower Wars, many in-house editorial style videos, and occasional white label client videos. His background includes extensive experience in newscasting, degrees specializing in journalism and automotive tech, as well as a lifetime of automotive enthusiasm.

“Brian affords our production house a versatile combination of talents,” said  Andrew Almazan, Power Automedia Operations Director. “His love for storytelling, passion for the automobile, and being an on-screen persona make for a truly unique creative process. Brian’s intuition and involvement throughout production phases will mean consistency and a high level of execution time and time again.”

Follow James’ and Petty’s work on and Power Automedia’s YouTube channel.