Our Facility

Power Automedia has a world-class media facility with over 15,000 square feet of office, tech, and video production space.

Built in 2013; our offices provide our team the ability to create world-class content in a fresh, modern working environment.

The Power Automedia Tech Center

The Power Automedia Tech Center is a world-class installation and performance facility that makes your parts look and perform their best. The tech center is fully equipped with the industry’s newest state of the art equipment, and shop technicians who are fully-trained and install performance upgrades and modifications every day.

Experienced Staff: The tech center’s staff is highly experienced in performance automotive upgrades, from bolt-ons to complete fabrication.

Video & Photo Capabilities: Our ability to film and photograph efficiently cuts down travel and production time. In-house photography and filming provides a more controllable creative environment.

Flowbench Testing – Superflow SF750: We are equipped with a Superflow SF750 digital flowbench for accurate airflow measurement.

Professional Lighting: Our team uses top quality professional lighting that allows us to light your products properly and evenly for the best quality photographs and videos.

Dynojet Testing – Dynojet 224XLC: Our Tech Center center is equipped with a load-controlled Dynojet 224XLC Dyno, complete with OBD-II data and wideband oxygen sensor logging. We can log and monitor horsepower, torque, and air/fuel ratios, repeatedly, before and after.

What does this mean to you?

High-Quality Installation & Testing
In-House Studio Images & Videos
Quick Turnaround Video & Editorial

Tech Center Sponsors

  • dynojet
  • VPracing
  • superflow
  • BendPak
  • Miller

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